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We are a small code of ethics Rottweiler breeder located in the heart of Southern California . Since 1993 I have loved and owned this wonderful breed as family pets. In 2008 I wanted to do something more with this breed and wanted to purchase a couple excellent quality puppies. I contacted a couple local breeders but were not so happy with what we seen. I started to look in Germany and through out Europe for a better quality Rottweiler. I just simply wanted the best.

Shortly after my search I purchased my first import Rottweiler Zivan von der Janvari. Zivan is still with me today and as of  Feb. 16, 2015 he is 6 years old. I have traveled all over the world with Zivan and the young male won 16 times V1 from 26 shows and the other places were V2 and V3.  He has been multiple times best male at show and is Multi Champion. I fell in love with the temperament of this dog so much I made him my personal dog as well as my service dog to help with some disabilities I have today. Zivan goes everywhere with me even when I fly to Germany he rides in the plane with me.

Today we are still very heavy into showing all of our dogs and before they are bred they are shown all over the World and most become multi champions. in 2014 We traveled all over the world showing at all the big shows including the IFR World show in Italy with 450 Rottweilers, the ADRK World show 250 Rottweilers and the ADRK Klubsieger show in Germany with 450 rottweilers. All of our dogs entered were V Rated (Excellent rated) In Italy our young female was V2 from 30 females. In Germany at the ADRK World Sieger show our young male was V1 and Jugsten BOB (Best young dog in the World!) This is the best an American had done over there.

We are also very heavy into working our dogs in service dog training, Obedience, Tracking and protection training. All of our dogs are temperament tested before they are bred. In late 2013 we traveled to Germany to research and learn from the best trainers in Germany about the Rottweiler's and the testing they do there. This is not something that can be learned overnight. We wanted to stay there for a year and learn from the best Rottweiler trainer in the World. This person has been training Rottweilers for 40 years and has titled all the famous Rottweilers. This is again something no other American has successfully done. We had to get permission from the ADRK and the club members of BG-Speicher a ADRK training club in Germany. After we got the permission we found a house and built a small kennel close to the field were we learned for one year from the best trainers in the World. During this time we titled two dogs and today we still have dogs being titled there one recently did the Best ZTP from 8 Rottweilers entered into the test and in her IPO I scored 96 points in the bite work.

Rottweilers are my Passion and today I am happy to say vom haus Burns is one of the top Rottweiler kennels in the World. Today we have dogs from our kennel all over the world competing in places such as Romania and other parts of Europe, Germany, all over the USA, Canada, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Mexico and even South Africa.  If you are looking for the very best complete Rottweiler than please fill free to contact us Today.

Michael Burns

We Have Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Click Here for more Info  

We Have Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Click Here for more Info  


USRC Northwest sieger show - Delhi, CA  December 7, 2014

Judge: Herr Edgar Hellmann - ADRK Germany

King vom Deniel Rott - V1 & Sieger


Jeff vom Nuenkircher Schloss V1 in 12 - 18 male class plus Youth Sieger

Kira vom Haus Burns V2 in 12- 18 females

Maxi von der Sigquelle V2 in 18 - 24 females


II Kincsem - Gold Cup, Budapest, Hungary September 28, 2014

Judge: Gagic Aleksandar FCI Serbia

Yazmin vom Haus Burns V1 in the Champion Female Class


RKNA Breed Show, Victoria BC September 28, 2014

Judge: ADRK Germany, Anton Spindler

Trixie vom Haus Burns V1 in the Open Female Class, Best  Female and Best of Breed !!!


Utz vom Kressbach V1 in 12 - 18 male class

King vom Deniel Rott V2 in Working Class Male


RKNA Breed Show, Nashville, TN September 20 & 21, 2014

Judge: Tatyana Popova, FCI Russia

Kira vom Haus Burns V1 in the 12-18 Female Class & Best youth Female !!!

Jeff vom Nuenkircher Schloss V2 in 12 - 18 male class

King vom Deniel Rott V2 in Working Class Male


ADRK World Show, Westheim, Germany May 31, 2014

Jeff vom Nuenkircher Schloss 

 VV1 in the 6-9 male class and ADRK Jungsten BOB World Winner !!!!

Young ADRK World Champion !!! 250 Rottweilers in show


FCI World Frontier Days Dog Show in Vicenza, Italy April 25, 2014

Judge: Anton Spindler - ADRK Germany

Maxi von der Siegquelle V2 Jugendklass from 29 females in class


ADRK Specialty Show BG Speicher, Germany May 4, 2014

Judge: Helmut Weiler - ADRK Germany

Jeff vom Neunkircher Schloss VV1 6-9 Male Class

Daisy vom Haus Burns V2 Intermediate Female Class

Sierra vom Haus Burns V3 Open Female Class

King vom Deniel Rott V4 Open Male Class


FCI International Dog Show in Luxembourg March 29, 2014

Judge: Chantal Delafontaine - FCI Belgium

King vom Deniel Rott V1 Intermediate Class, CACL, CACIB

Best Male Rottweiler and Best of Breed !!! (Over 2000 dogs at show)


ADRK Specialty Show BG Neuwied, Germany March 30, 2014

Judge: Rudiger Schmidt - ADRK Germany

King vom Deniel Rott V2 Open Male Class

Zivan von der Janvari V2 Champion Class

Maxi von der Sigquelle V3 Jugendklass

Fedora vom Haus Burns V3 Intermediate Class

Trixie vom Haus Burns V2 Open Female Class

All our dogs where V Rated and in the top 3 in Germany !!!!


Zivan on the cover of Total Rottweiler Magazine !!!! 


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RKNA BREED SHOW and RKNA KLUBSIEGER Nashville, TN Sep. 21 & 22, 2013

Judge: Hans Jurgen Radtke (ADRK GERMANY)

Judge: Gerard O'Shea (FCI SWEDEN)

King vom Deniel Rott V1 both days 12-18 male

Best youth male on saturday and RKNA Youth Klubsieger !!!

Ilse von der Bleichstrasse V3 both days


RKNA Breed Show Detroit, MI July 27 & 28, 2013

Judge: Paul-Dieter Viehoff (ADRK GERMANY)

Dallas vom Golden Valley (Zidan son) VP1 4-6 Male

Fedora vom Haus Burns VP1 9-12 Female

Kasper von der Bleichstrasse SG3 12-18 Male

Quest vom Haus Burns V1, Youth Sieger and New Youngest RKNA Champion !!!

Zidan von der Janvari V1 Champion Male


 ARC National Sieger Show 4-20-2013 and 4-21-2013 - Clairmont, CA

Judge: Alfredo Estrada, FCI Judge (Mexico)

Judge: Hetje Lashley-Harmsma, FCI Judge (Netherlands)

Garth vom haus Burns VP3 4-6 Male

Daisy vom haus Burns VP2 6-9 Female

Akino vom haus Burns VP3 9-12 Male

Kasper von der Bleichstrasse VP1 9-12 Male, Best Male Puppy!!!

A.J. vom haus Burns VP2 9-12 Female

Ilse von der Bleichstrasse V1 12-18 Female

Quest vom haus Burns V2 18-24 Male

Leo von der Crossener Ranch V3 Open Male

Unique von der Scherau V3 Working female


  RKNA Breed/Sieger Show 2-23-2013 and 2-24-2013 - Miami, FL



Akino vom haus Burns VP1 9-12 Male - Best Male Puppy

Sierra vom haus Burns V1 12-18 Female

Willow vom haus Burns VP3 9-12 Female

Quest vom haus Burns V1 12-18 Male - Youth Sieger

Zivan von der Janvari V1 Open Male

Unique von der Scherau V2 Open female

Akino vom Haus Burns VP1, Best Male Puppy ADRK Judge and Head Breed Warden Edgar Hellmann

Quest vom Haus Burns V1, Youth Sieger ADRK Head Judge Werner Walter


  RKNA Breed Show Jan. 4-5, 2012 - Phoenix, AZ

Judge: Lucy Ang (RKNA)

Akino vom haus Burns 2nd place 6-9 Male

Daisy vom haus Burns 1st place 4-6 Female

A.J. vom haus Burns 2nd place 6-9 Female

Willow vom haus Burns 1nd place 9-12 Female - Best Female Puppy

Sierra vom haus Burns 1st place 12-18 female - Best Youth Female

Zivan von der Janvari 2nd place Open Male

Unique von der Scherau 1st place open female


  USRC National Sieger Show Show Dec. 1-2, 2012 - Lake Elsinore, CA

ADRK Judge Helmut Weiler (Germany)

FCI & IFR Judge Carla Lensi (Italy)

Akino vom haus Burns 1st place 6-9 Male

Daisy vom haus Burns 1st place 4-6 Female

Dixie vom haus Burns 3rd place 4-6 Female

A.J. vom haus Burns 1st place 6-9 Female

Yazmin vom haus Burns 2nd place 6-9 Female

Sierra vom haus Burns 1st place 12-18 female

Zidan von der Janvari 2nd place Champion Male

Unique von der Scherau 1st place open female and 2012 National Best Female


RKNA Sieger Show Show Oct. 6-7 2012 - Chaplin, CT

FCI Judge Yvonn Bekkers (Netherlands)

Zivan von der Janvari V2 Open Male (11 dogs in class)

Amira vom Kazimov V1 Open Female (10 females in class)

Zidan von der Janvari V1 Champion Male plus Best Male in Show and Best in Show


ARV National Sieger Show Show Sep. 14-16 2012 - Caryville, TN

FCI Judge Mick Svaljek

Sierra vom Haus Burns VP4 9-12 Female puppy (8 dogs in class) 

Amira vom Kazimov V Rated Open Female (16 dogs in class)

Mia vom Kazimov V2 12-18 Female (10 dogs in class)

Zivan von der Janvari V1 Open Male (13 dogs in class)



RKNA Klub Sieger Show Show Sep. 1 & 2 2012 - Victoria, BC Canada

Head ADRK Judge and Breed Warden in Germany Edgar Hellman

Sierra vom Haus Burns VP2 9-12 Female puppy, Amira vom Kazimov V2 Open Female,

Zivan von der Janvari V1 Open Male and Zidan von der Janvari V1 Champion Male Class


USRC Select Seiger Show December 3rd & 4th 2011- Lake Elsinore, CA

Marlo vom Kazimov VP2, Neo vom Kazimov VP3, Mia vom Kazimov VP1

CH. Amira vom Kazimov V1, CH. Rick vom Grossen Tal V2,

Hasko von der burg Weibertreu V1, Zidan von der Janvari V2 and

Zivan von der Janvari V1 - Select Male!!!

 Zivan, Amira and Judge after Big Wins!!! Amira V1 CH Class and Zivan V1 Open Class plus Select Male!!!

Mia Vom Kazimov VP-1 USRC Select Sieger Show 12-3-11 FCI Judge: Alfredo Estrada 


ARV National Sieger show October 15, 2011 Carson, CA Results:

Mia vom Kazimov 6-9 Female VP1, Marlo vom Kazimov 6-9 Males VP4

Iris is Rojaus Slenio 12-18 Females SG2, Person non Grate Hariton 12-18 Males SG3

Amira vom Kazimov Champion Female V1, Zidan von der Janvari Champion Male V1

Hasko von der burg Weibertreu Veteran Male V1 and Zivan von der Janvari Open Male V1 (10 dogs in class)


We are Located in the heart of Southern California on 11 acres in Gavalin Hills, CA 75 miles north of

San Diego, CA, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, CA, 240 miles south of Las Vegas, NV and 360 miles west of Phoenix, AZ





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